Image Gentoo for the Raspberry Pi

Posted by Raphael on July 03, 2012
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I’ve prepared a first image of Gentoo for the Raspberry Pi. If you know how to use this and interrested by Gentoo, feel free and let me know what do you think. I will soon update the Wiki with my How-to for an image installation on the Pi and the Gentoo image creation. I know you can already find a lot on the Internet, but I want to have all in one place and with my small modifications.

I’ve tried to optimize the SDCard, the Portage tree is up to date and I’ve emerged dhcpcd. At startup the Pi will get an IP on eth0 if you have a DHCP, SSHd is started but there is no password for root, you have to setup one localy to be able to connect via SSH.

Direct download:


Default login: Username: root   Password: None

Note: setup a new password once logged in with “passwd”

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Posted by Raphael on July 02, 2012
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Flyspray is installed but not completely configured yet. Update: Flyspray is ready to be used

I’ve also installed a network drive (OVH Hubic, 25GB) on the Pi and all my devices. It will allow me to access the files I need, anywhere, any time. You can find a short tutorial on the Wiki. Why not Dropbox or Google drive? Because of the 25GB and the easy way to mount it under the Linux console.

The web-server files are now backup-ed every nights, I still have to find a way to easily backup the configuration files. I’d love to use CDP Backup but the license is just too expensive for a private use.

The blog is now online, I hope it can help people and if you don’t understand my short explanations or if you have any question, just ask.

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What next?

Posted by Raphael on July 01, 2012
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I want now to finish the installation of my Pi with Flyspray. I like this bugtracker and with some modifications, I use it as a todolist. Maybe later I will try to integrate a Gantt-Chart and then it could be use as a basic project-manager.

I will also install a new storage solution, probably my 1TB external HDD, a torrent client ( for my holidays movies, of course) and samba, to share all on my home network (Apple TV and soon another Pi as media-center).

The new Pi will come near my TV once I have a stable media-center distribution. I already played 720p perfectly and some 1080p but not all. It’s not depending of the size but of the compression codecs and I had no optimisation at all. Playing from my network sharing resulted to a kernel panic, I also have to fix this…

Another short term project is to install and optimize Gentoo on the Pi. I already have it running on a 16GB SDCard but it’s realy slow, mainly because of the Portage tree. I want to have this on 1 or 2GB image and share it.

I have other projects in mind but it will come later.

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The basics

Posted by Raphael on July 01, 2012
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This blog is self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi, model B. I use the default Debian image, provided by the foundation.

My goal was to have a flexible and low cost solution and the Pi do it great! It still a little bit slow but it yill be improvd soon.

A Wiki will store all my knowledge and tips gathered from now.

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Hello world!

Posted by Raphael on June 27, 2012
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I’ll use this blog to save my discover and my work. It will mainly be about Linux and Web-development.

If this can help some people, good.

I’m always open to any improvement, discussion, help…

And most of all : I apologize for my english, but it will be easier for most of the people to find help in this language.